Monday, November 9, 2009


Sometimes, life is a bit like a garden in which one must undergo some weeding...

Weed: a plant that is considered a nuisance and is generally unwanted. Weeds can crowd out, block sunlight from, and overtake more desireable plants. On top of that, weeds can also take the nutrients from the soil thereby, prohibiting the amount of nutrients available for other, more desireable, plants.

They may sound unattractive but they come in all shapes, sizes, forms and colours. And often, to those of us who are not experts at spotting them, they can be mistaken for a desireable plant.

Like a garden, there are things/people/vices/indulgences/habits/environments/situations that can grow start growing in our lives which need to be unmercifully plucked, pulled, or hoed, as they can inhibit our ability to blossom to our full potential. 


They can suffocate us so that we can no longer grow in the way we want to, they impinge on our personal space so as to make us feel uncomfortable, and they can take our nutrients so we become malnourished.


These are some of the reasons why everyone should do a little weeding now and then.


  1. Just because you're going away doesn't mean you can weed me out!! ;)

    Have you finished Pursuit of Love yet?

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  3. What's that lovely plant in the last photo?

  4. Drajat: Thank you for visiting and so sorry for the late reply :)

    Karen Anne: Hi there :) I'm sorry but it's been so long since I wrote this post that I don't remember... :(

  5. It is possibly a moon flower, but nevermind some people consider it a weed as well.

    Now chickweed tea provides one with many nutrients. Also, dandelion leaves, though bitter do a good job of cleansing the liver. just never know...

    Thanks for the wonderful post.