Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer, I NEED you. Where are you?

Source: Kate Moss for Vogue Paris 

So, Miss Spring has graced us in Oslo with her beautiful greenery, warmth and passionate light. However, after a record 5 days of 25 degrees (or thereabouts), she has suddenly decided turned on us and the once warm, blue, sunny day has receded into the luke warm/cold, rainy, grey days. And windy, did I mention windy??

Dear Miss Spring, 

Please stop toying with me. I need to know that the light and blue skies will stay. Mr Winter came and stayed for FAR too long... Maybe you've gone back and had an affair and hence the dull, grey, uncomfortably chilling days...

Mrs Summer, WHERE ART THOU? I need your vitamin D, my melanin awaits for your darkening powers, and my mind and sanity longs for the variety of life you bring.  

Please come soon. I need to lay in your light, regain my strength to face Mr Winter once again, roll around in the greeness of the city and my skin longs to breathe and feel the sticky, salty residue of a summer swim in the sea. PLEASE come, soon- promise??? 



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