Sunday, July 12, 2009

Midnight in Moscow

You'd think that I could be a bit more creative than naming my first blog after my new favourite (but so last winter) OPI nail polish colour...But alas, no such luck as the colour has stricken me with a sense of fully fledged euphoria. I am in awe of the fact that such a colour could permeate my current state of emotions and logical thinking and take me to a place I long to be...


  1. Woo! I <3 you. And I remember when you bought that. I am trying out a new pale rose pink shade now I'm here because I'm in a girly mood. Quite the departure from my usual dark crimsons...

  2. I <3 you back! Oooh lala, pale rose pink sounds devine for a mid summers night, or a picnic in Central Park. Jealous. Perhaps we should find a new shade together for spring, and celebrate our reunion...

  3. Yes! I'm thinking maybe lilac...

    When do you get back? Like mid September?

  4. I get back Aug 24th! I feel girly times ahead... but a travelling for work Aug 31 - Sep 18... just around New Zealand, nothing exotic like New York!

    Lilac?... hmm... I'd have to see it first before I become convinced...

  5. Hah, well I only do tones with pinkishness in them - pinks, reds, crimsons, violets... so lilac was me being daring! I think it will have to be a joint shop.

    Jeepers, 3 weeks on the road for work is a long trip and you won't have long to get ready either!!

  6. what about a peachy colour? Orangey-pinkish tones? but not quite last season... A joint shop indeed!

    Yeah I might not be on the road the whole time though, not sure yet... at least it will help my mind busy so I'm not depressed 24/7 upon arrival home lol