Monday, September 28, 2009

Sorry US fashion, the British rule you

I heart Grace Coddington.

She is amazing and so full of grace (excuse the pun), and vitality. Being a top model herself in the 60s, having gone from a convent to winning a Vogue model contest, and then being in a terrible car accident in her 20s she still continued to be ever so influential in the fashion world. Working beside Miss Wintour for so long at US Vogue, (also having worked prior at Brittish Vogue), I think it's both fabulous and hilarious that the US fashion scene is run by two aging Brittish women. What a great team - would love to see them face the Trump.


  1. Yes isn't she gloooorious? Deserves her own documentary, just those few flashback snippets of film were breathtaking. I love how she clumps around the Vogue office in flats too!

  2. I know, would it be fab if she got her own? Surely it will happen in due course!