Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bitchin Stitches

Source: Art Today and Craft:
I think these images speak for themselves.

"Yarn bombing" - giving graffiti artists around the world a run for their... "street cred"? Materials?....?

And when I say "world", I mean world, as in it has even hit the likes of Breaker Bay, Wellington, NZ! Serious. My colleague got her mailbox "hit" with it, I will post a pic if I can get my hands on one, Julia?!

It does make me wonder whether, if at all, the trees find it a bit suffocating... I suppose so long as it doesn't block the photosynthesis then everythings all groovy? 

I must give my dear fabulous friend Helen all the credit here for bringing my attention to this wicked phenonmenon. Keep a look out for it at a neighbour near you!

ps - bless the pink tank!

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