Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fur Part 1: Faux fur, faux me?

So, wearing real fur is fully non-PC (at least in New Zealand you would rarely find someone strutting around in a fur piece) and most people can agree that wearing the fur off an animals back is hands down unethical, immoral, a bit freaky and quite frankly just MEAN!.. But... have you ever actually worn a real fur coat? They are amazingly comfortable, snuggly and warm, particularly out in the -38 degree celcius Harbin winter. However, in saying that, I don't think I could ever wear it anywhere else...unless I died and came back as Anna Wintour...(or someone similar).

As most of you know I'm moving to the other side of the world soon, to Norge (Norway). And am pretty excited to soon be living in Europe! Do you think I can get away with wearing one in Norge? Or should I go faux....?

Souce: olsensanonymous 

I have to admit, I quite love the mix of timeless elegance with modern chic...a fur coat/jacket, leggings and boots is so easy to put together and you simply can't go wrong with the look (until someone throws an egg or tomato at you, ala Samatha Jones - Sex and the City movie), (also see below September 29 post).   

AND I LOVE Kate Moss's new Autumn-Winter collection for Topshop which includes a range of faux fur jackets...


So, last night I happen to find quite a nice black faux fur jacket in Mummy's wardrobe, I try it on, it fits, it reminds me Ashley's white fur jacket (see above) as it has lines down it too (not quite as nice though funnily enough) but then I go and find that because faux fur is faux, it is therefore made from mainly polyester and nylon - and completely flammable (eek, should someone throw a ciggie or a fire-ball at me).  It also plays on my trying-to-be-environmentally-friendly-mind that nylon creates GHGs (green house gas) and polyester is made from petrochemicals...Furthermore, faux fur doesn't degrade.... well not for at least 600 years according to America's Fur Commission (that's right, Fur Commission!!). 

So, I'm a bit torn. I'd feel more comfortable in faux than real fur (unless I was in Russia or China) but then again, why care so much about what other people think? And if I do go faux, it has its demerits...and "saving an animal" would traded for "polluting our environment", or, I could just do without either altogether?...but either/or, that would be faux me.


  1. WHAT ABOUT: second hand either? The coats are already made so it won't mean any more dead animals or evil gasses. Obviously a NICE vintage piece and not someone's manky matted stole from the garage...

  2. Would love a nice vintage piece, left my gorgeous real fur jacket in China years date sometime??