Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Bring it, Ludwig" said John James Preston.

So, it may be so last year (or 3 centuries ago) but I don't care. The words of Beethoven always resound in my mind when I watch the SATC movie or read his (now) infamous letter/s:

..You - my life - my All - farewell.
Oh, go on loving me - never doubt 
the faithfullest heart 
Of your beloved
Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours.

This letter is actually the last of a series of three, which were found among a pile of papers after his death and addressed to his "Immortal Beloved" (Love Letters of Great Men, Ursula Doyle).

Extracts from some other hot letters:

Henry VIII to Anne of Boleyn:

My heart and I surrender themsevles
into your hands,
and we supplicate to be commended
to your good graces, 
and that by absence your affections
may not be diminished to us,
For that would be to augment our pain, 
which would be a great pity,
since absence gives enough,
and more than I ever thought could be felt. 

Well, sadly he did eventually think more could be felt as he beheaded her...

Napolean Bonaparte to Josephine de Beauharnais (1796):
13 November

I do not love thee any more;
On the contrary, I detest thee.
Thou art horrid, very awkward,
Very stupid, a very
circa, early December

I have not spent a day without 
Loving you;
I have not spent a night without embracing you;
I have not so much
as drunk one cup of tea without cursing
the pride and ambition which force me to remain 
apart from he moving spirit
Of my life.
In the midst of my duties,
whether I am at the head of the 
army or inspecting the camps,

My beloved Josephine stand alone in my heart,
occupies my mind, 
fills my thoughts.

Charles Darwin to Emma Wedgwood (1839)

Excuse this much egotism,
- I give it to you because I think you
will humanise me,
And soon teach me there is
greater happiness than buidling
theories and accumulating facts
in silence and Solitude.
My dearest Emma, 
I earnestly pray, you may
never regreat the great, 
and I will add very good,
deed, you are to perform
on the Tuesday: my own dear
future wife, 
God bless you...


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